Mala Magic


*Mala Magic* was created to encourage you on your path of growth, abundance and expansion! Each crystal holds a unique vibration that not only helps to heal body, mind and spirit but also brings us back into resonance with Source.

After chakra & crystal healing sessions, clients would regularly ask me for advice on which crystal to work with for their most pressing issues, or which crystal would help them bring the energy into flow in a particular chakra.

So *Mala Magic* was born. Travelling through India I found the right partner in crystals, who provides me with high quality gem stones with that special spark. Furthermore I charge all of the Malas and bracelets with Universal Healing Energy - Reiki.

I hope the crystals will enchant, uplift and enlighten you! 

You can also order customized pieces for specific issues or as a gift. Just get in touch: mala.magic.crystals [at] I I

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