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Grounded Rose: 4th Chakra Bracelet

Grounded Rose: 4th Chakra Bracelet

Grounded Rose: Lava & Rosequartz & Lotus Charm (925 Silver) - 4th Chakra

Lava is an earthy, grounding stone that helps to connect to mother earth and have the feet firmly planted on the ground. It gives strength, courage and vitality, while having anti-bacterial and anti-viral properties. Lava also disspells negative energy and enhances ones creativity. It helps to calm the mind and follow ones true life path. In combination with Rose Quartz it grounds and helps to stay stable in the healing process of emotional wounds, building trust in the heart.

Rose Quartz assists in healing the heart and releasing old layers of hurt, brings compassion, self-forgiveness, as well as an understanding of balance in giving and receiving. Its purifying energy cleanses and balances the emotional body, bringing resolution, peace and renewal.

4th Chakra: Anahata - Air - Love

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