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Heart: 4th Chakra Mala

Heart: 4th Chakra Mala

Heart: Rosequartz & Sandalwood & Silver Lotus Flower Charm - 4th Chakra - 108 beads

Rosequartz has the power to calm and soothe the heart, relieve hurt, in addition to facilitating a deeper connection to oneself and to others. If you´d like to be open yourself to new love, heal past relationships or simply want to feel more universal love towards all beings, this Mala is for you.
Amethyst is a calming, meditative and protective stone, that stimulates intuition, patience and balance and opens the channels for higher guidance. It helps to let go of unnecessary patterns and supports in grief and loss. Amethyst accompanies you in your meditation, to connect to your inner voice.

4th Chakra: Anahata - Air - Love

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