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Rose: 4th Chakra Mala

Rose: 4th Chakra Mala

Rose: Rhodonite & Sandalwood & Silk Tassel - 4th Chakra - 108 beads

Rhodonite is an excellent stone for the Heart Chakra, focusing on nurturing the inner self and reclaiming all one was meant to be, releasing trauma and unhealed wounds of the heart. It supports the flow of prana (life force) throughout the meridians of the body, directing essential strength to the endocrine system, which increases one’s energy and vitality. It strengthens the muscles and heart and stimulates circulation. Rhodonite brings balance to the emotional body, increasing self-esteem and confidence, and helps one to recognize and value their gifts and talents, and to expand them to their highest potential in order to help others.

4th Chakra: Anahata - Air - Love

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