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Meditation: 7th Chakra Mala

Meditation: 7th Chakra Mala

Meditation: Howlite & Lava & Sandalwood & silk Tassel - 7th Chakra - 108 beads

Lava and Howlite combined work on balancing the opposite 1st and 7th Chakra, grounding you on the earth while helping you to expand in the spiritual realms.

Howlite is a very soothing stone, helping to relive tension and srtess and to calm and balance the emotions. It´s a very beneficial for meditation, as it helps to attune to higher energies, to connect you more with the spirit realm. By doing so, you can access the deeper meaning of your dreams as well as past lives. Howlite being a very calming and meditative stone also helps to strengthen your positive charactwer traits and overcome rudeness, selfishness or aggression.

Lava helps to dispel negativ energies and to strengthen your immune system, next to having anti-viral properties. 

7th Chakra: Sahasrara - Higher Self

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