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Serenity: 2nd / 6th Chakra Mala

Serenity: 2nd / 6th Chakra Mala

Serenity: Peach Moonstone & Sandalwood & Gold Plated Lotus (925 Silver) - 2nd / 6th Chakra - 108 beads

This serene Moonstone Mala with a unique selection of Peach Moonstones encourage the mystery in you, to follow your intuition and connect to the High Priestess inside of you.

The Mala helps you on your path of self discovery, intuition, insight, dreams and supports the female energies in your body. By doing so, your yin side, the receptive side, gets encouraged to simply flow with the flow of life and open up to be able to receive, instead of overly active doing and controlling. Moonstone aligns with the higher chakras, calms active energies, alleviates PMS and also supports in child birth, pregnancy and menopause. It is a great support in meditation and on the spiritual journey, as well as being a good gift for lovers, to find new love, bring a lover back or to protect love. It is a fertility crystal, which opens the heart and brings love and acceptance towards oneself and others.

2nd Chakra: Swadhisthana - Water - Flow

6th Chakra: Ajna - Wisdom

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