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Shamanic Healer: Protection & 6th / 7th Chakra Mala

Shamanic Healer: Protection & 6th / 7th Chakra Mala

Shamanic Healer Mala: Black Obsidian & Turquoise & Silver beads & Sandalwood - 6th / 7th Chakra - 108 Beads

Black Obsidian is a mystical, shamanic crystal that foremost creates a strong energetic protective shield around the person, which is especially helpful for people in transformation, empaths or hyper-sensitives. It furthermore helps to enter the spirit realms and connect to higher wisdom, past lives and the unseen. It´s a powerful stone that was used for scrying and in shamanic ceremonies.
In addition the Turquoise also helps to protect and dispel negative energy and protects the wearer from uncomfortable situations. It´s a ritualistic stone that has been used in tribes and many cultures all over the world as protection, stone of truth and channel for expression. 

NOTE: This Mala is especially strong if you work with people, give treatments or healing sessions or have to pay attention to protection your energy field. 

6th Chakra: Ajna - Wisdom

7th Chakra: Sahasrara - Higher Self

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