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White Star: 8th Chakra / 2nd Chakra Mala

White Star: 8th Chakra / 2nd Chakra Mala

White Star: Faceted White Agate & Faceted Black Obsidian & Sandalwood - 8th Chakra / 2nd Chakra - 108 Beads

This Mala attracts strength, protects from bad dreams and relieves stress, tension and energy drains. White Agate is uplifting and energy clearing, while Black Obsidian helps to connect to the spirit realm.

White Agate has purifying vibrations and can be used to clear blocks from the chakras. It allows to bring spiritual experiences into your earthly experience. Agate helps to improve mental functions, brings clarity and a greater connection to guidance and intuition. It is also helpful in transforming negative emotions to bring a healing vibration into all of the chakras. Agate has a slow and gentle effect, but a a long-lasting impact.

2nd Chakra: Swadhisthana - Water - Flow

8th Chakra - Christ Consciousness

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