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Soul Spirit: 4th / 5th Chakra Bracelet

Soul Spirit: 4th / 5th Chakra Bracelet

Soul Spirit Bracelet: Amazonite & Lotus Pendant (925 silver) - 4th / 5th Chakra

This soothing and calming bracelet encourages your integrity, balances the yin and yan energies in the body and enables peaceful communication, dispelling confrontation.

Amazonite helps to set clear boundaries, to express your truth and true believes, staying committed to your goals and life path. It encourages discipline and self-confidence. Amazonite aligns the physical with the spiritual, grounding spiritual energies into the body. It clears and balances all chakras and enables expression from the heart to the throat chakra. It is a good talisman, helping to speak from a place of compassion, yet being true to your deepest thoughts and feelings.

Smokey Quartz is a grounding stone, relieving any sort of physical pain and skin disorders. It´s a very protective and grounding stone, bringing physical and psychic protection, as it removes negativity and transforms it into positive energy.

4th Chakra: Anahata - Air - Love

5th Chakra: Vishuddah - Space - Communication

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